Invoicing software helps me to manage my warehouse

I am working in the company, which provides building materials, garden tools and more other stuff. The number of products we provide is over 5000. I am goods manager. I manage commodity warehouse. In the end of every week I need to do a report, which shows products that were sold and products that are in stock. When I started working in the company there were no computers that could help managing all products. The days when we made inventory were like hell. Of course I had assistants that helped me, but anyway we had to write down every product manually. It took all day (about 10 hours) to make inventory. But if there were some mistake that could be revealed in the end, than 10 hours of work went down the tube. I guess someone heard my prayers and developed electronic devises for inventory. Now in 21st century our enterprise uses invoicing software with the special module for inventory. We have a database in the invoicing software, where all the products are described and have nomenclature articles. Every product in the warehouse has bar code. I put a scanner towards the product and it appears in invoicing software database. Now I need about 3 hours to make inventory by myself. Do you feel the difference? I do!!! Now I do not have hell-days at work. I feel comfortable and enjoy the working process. Actually invoicing software is multifunctional. We send invoices, register received payments, and have customer’s and product’s databases. It is easy to add different modules to the invoicing software. Like we did with the inventory module. Every part of the program is synchronized with the others what let you be aware of everything. Even big enterprises try to reduce costs and to save money. The invoicing software was also the opportunity to make our business more profitable. Now we need less time to do our everyday tasks. That let us spend time on developing and improving the enterprise. Actually we were afraid that computers could cut down the number of staff. But our director decided not to dismiss people but to give them new tasks and to extend the enterprise.

1 Aug 2012