Billing software in Europe: Austria

Electronic invoices are used all over the Europe, but popularity of this way of billing is still different among European countries. Some countries are leaders in e-billing. But there also are countries, where the amount of electronic bills is less than 10 %. Let’s find out, how popular billing software in well-developed and rich Austria is.

In such business areas like B2B, B2G and G2B the amount of electronic bills are 10-30% of the total bill volume. This rate is quite good, however, in B2C area it is still less than 10%. This means that using billing software isn’t widespread yet. But it could be the future goal for Austria. Electronic billing has a tendency to increase year by year.  So the billing software also will have more popularity.

Earlier sending e-bills was common only for large companies. They had their own formats for electronic bills and most probably proper billing software. Nowadays also small and medium enterprises could use the advantages of electronic invoices and billing software. Besides traditional formats of the invoices, PDF became accepted. That simplifies the process of billing. Finally, you can use the billing software, which is suitable for your business and your preferences.

There is one thing you should keep in mind starting sending e-bills to your customers. You have to have the agreement of the recipient. To provide the authenticity of electronic invoice either EDI or electronic signature could be used. You see, that are no obstacles to start sending electronic bills. So start using the most comfortable, fast and economic way of billing your customers.

20 Apr 2012